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From a New Perspective: Drone Technology

Drones are revolutionizing audiovisual marketing by adding value to products and telling stories in innovative ways never seen before. The use of the drone technology is becoming more and more popular and reaching new heights in the world of marketing. Drones are becoming more of a tool, used to capture unique imagery, as opposed to a flying toy. Previously, marketers were forced to use cranes and helicopters to capture these unique perspectives and the cost to get such footage was substantial. With the use of drone technology, we can now capture and record those aerial viewpoints saving time, effort, and money.

Drone technology offers creative and innovative solutions to reaching customers in a new and interesting way. Including drone footage in your videos, allows your customers to see from new perspectives and angles that capture your audiences attention. Traditionally, marketing consisted of printed ads, television commercials, billboard ads, internet ads, radio spots, etc., with the technology available today, marketers are able to take these traditional forms of marketing to a whole new level.

Whether you’re a real estate agent taking pictures of a large property or an architect taking videos of skyscrapers, drones are becoming the ideal way for marketers to obtain breathtaking aerial shots. By using drones, we are able to produce dramatic, sweeping shots of landscapes, ocean and mountain vistas and seamless fly-arounds of gorgeous home exteriors and their surrounding neighborhoods. Drones are streamlining the buying and selling process by providing more visual information at a reasonable cost. Any opportunity you have to further educate the buyer to the property they're purchasing is a win-win for everybody.

The potential these technologies have are limitless! As the technology continues to advance and evolve, more features and abilities will be introduce that will further enhance our ability to tell stories. From reduced cost in aerial footage to the ability to live stream large events, drone technology is no doubt a game changer in the world of marketing.

If you are personally interested in flying drones and considering such as a business venture, you may find it very beneficial to read about Drone Laws in the United States as well as, local drone laws and restrictions. You can find the Drone Laws in the United States by clicking here.


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